by Tiana Feng

When we fall asleep our thoughts are filled of images and things most of them the impossible. When we speak of “our dreams” in the sense of desire, we think of what is not the easily obtainable, usually a lover but sometimes something more personal. About 3/4 of the world’s music is in some way about dreams but here are some songs of various genres that were directly inspired by or about dreams.

1.A R Rahman feat. Suzzanne- Dreams on Fire[audio:]
2.O-town – Liquid Dreams[audio:]
3.Eurhythmics- Sweet Dreams[audio:]
4.Aerosmith- Dream On[audio:]
5.Mamas and Papas- Dream a Little Dream of Me[audio:]
6.Keane- A Bad Dream[audio:]
7.Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams[audio:]
8.Sad But True- Metallica[audio:]
9.Deep Purple- King of Dreams[audio:]
10.S Club 7- Never Had a Dream Come True[audio:]