by Tiana Feng

It is Thursday so I will upload one of the requested piano tunes (played by me) and the sheet music as requested. I generally don’t write down things I play down or play exactly the score so what you hear may not be what you see in terms of sheet music. I’ll write things down if you requested something so obscure there is nothing out there.

This week, since it was requested and a piece familiar to me I chose to do the Main theme from Zelda requested by Shambles Miller. This is is a video game classic and is a staple in video game music among the true video game nerds (like me).

Tiana Feng- The Legend of Zelda (Main Theme)[audio:]
Download the Sheet music for the Legend of Zelda (Main Theme)

What do you want to hear for next Thursday? I will keep in mind all your requests for future posts!! Don’t worry if I don’t get to you one week, I’ll get to you eventually! If I get a lot of requests from different people, I may post more than one a week.

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  1. Tiffany

    HI TEE! <3 can you do Canon In D? :D thanks love!
    I really like your incredible hulk theme one, my fav! xox