by Tiana Feng

So as you all know I just graduated with a Bachelors degree in music. Because of this, I want to keep my musical brain busy so it doesn’t prune itself and I decided to start what will be called REQUEST A PIANO TUNE THURSDAYS. How it will work is that each week I will upload a clip of me playing something AND the piano sheet music or transcription for it for the aspiring musicians. You can request ANYTHING, a pop tune, a tv show theme, something totally obscure (but you would have to give me a link to the track), something that already exists. I will choose from the list I get and play one of the things every Thursdays starting next week. This week I will start you off with the jazz classic A-Train, a semi improv thing I did for class:

Leave your requests in comments and I’ll have one of them up next week!
Tiana Feng- A-Train Improvisaion[audio:]

4 Responses

  1. Shambles

    I would suggest something by Shambles Miller…but it’s a bit obvious who’s suggesting it :P

    So if not that, thennnn….any version of the Legend of Zelda theme tune :)