by Tiana Feng

Shambles Miller is a folk musician from Glasglow, Scotland. On his myspace it says he makes music with very limited resources such as an old fourtrack and a tiny guitar. Because of this, what you see what is what you get with his music, the pure acoustic sound of his music. His music is almost folk music with the punk kind of edginess that is tough. You hear that in tracks such as My Best Friend is an Outsider. It is the fourth track in his EP called Shambles vs. Dragonwizard. For me this track accumulates all the great qualities you can find throughout the album, upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies. There is also great accompaniment of a double bass (I got corrected because I thought it was a cello) which is something I’m currently obsessed with.

Have a listen!!
Shambles Miller- My Best Friend is an Outsider[audio:]

Check out the rest of his stuff on his MySpace. As well he has a pretty entertaining blog on WordPress.

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