by Tiana Feng

In the song world there has been songs about everything including FASHION. Here are some songs about the world of fashion.
1.Green Day- Fashion Victim[audio:]
2.Constance Billard Choir- Glamourous[audio:]
3.Gwen Stefani- Harajuku Girls[audio:]
4.Lady Gaga- Fashion[audio:]
5.Madonna- Vogue (Sm Trax Dancefloor Disco Remix)[audio:]
6.Marilyn Monroe- Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend[audio:]
7.David Bowie- Fashion[audio:]
8.The Kinks- Dedicated Follower of Fashion[audio:]
9.Jill Sobule- Supermodel[audio: Sobule – Supermodel.mp3]
10.Duran Duran- Girls on Film[audio:]