Tiana Feng

Research Turtles is a pop-punk rock band from Louisiana. Their sound reminds me a lot of bands like Plain White Tees, and Cute is What we Aim For. Their self-titled debut album is available to download for FREE on their website. All 11 tracks seem to be radio ready quality. If you’re into pop-punk than there’s nothing you wouldn’t like about this album. There’s all elements of predictable harmonies and power chords and very simple melodic hooks. Their bio says that they were influenced by many British punk rock bands and there is evidently elements of classic rock.

A great example of this is “Kiss her Goodbye” where you almost swear it almost sounds like a cover of a classic, but it is indeed original.
Research Turtles-Kiss Her Goodbye[audio:http://groovebat.com/download/k0.mp3]

Overall the album is a fun listen but if you’re looking for something that sounds “original” or different it might not be your thing because it meshes together a little bit with all the other punk rock bands out there.