by Tiana Feng

The Toronto, Canada band Stagehands has a very unique and interesting sound. They call it “broadway rock”. They are a band that combines music and theatre and pop-rock. I unfortunately can’t attend their show next week because I have work on Fridays but if any of you guys are interested they are offering free tickets for their Friday, April 30th show at Lee’s palace. All you have to do is e-mail or get at them on

Silent City is their latest creation and they have released the album for free download on the Website. Even without having seen the show, the album is still worth quite the listen. There’s so much energy and momentum in it that I wish I was there with them live. You can imagine what the narrative is like for sure. This is totally what contemporary broadway should be! What I understand as the story is that the male is a frustrated songwriter who comes across some strange town where he must fight higher authority and lose his chance to fame or pretend to be something else and lose himself in it. This is such a mesh of catchy songs with powerful and energetic guitar parts that really stress the “rock” in their songs.
My favourite track off Silent City is probably Now or Never which has elements of mainstream punk rock but then you can feel the elements of broadway with the eclectic mix of characters and sounds.
Stagehands- Now or Never[audio:]

Go check the rest of their album out!!! Especially if its FREE, but you should donate something if you like them :).

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