by Tiana Feng

There’s certain songs that are so simple and yet are so moving. I decided to bring in some under appreciated songs to this blog and a look at how deep they can be. This one in particular makes me cry.

The song “Personal” off Star’s album In the Bedroom After the War has got to be one of the most beautiful songs ever. The song is an exchange of replies to personal ads.

Stars- Personal[audio:]

In the first verse you hear the male’s personal ad and then the Caroline’s response to the ad. This is the first instance where you hear the word “heavy” but at first it can be misinterpreted as her being “emotionally heavy” because she was grieving over a loss. The male acts supportive and asks her out for a drink. Caroline is then obviously self-conscious and when he sees her, realizes that heavy must have meant physically and he changes his personal ad at the very end.

This song is probably one of the most under appreciated songs stars has, its just so beautifully and full of depth. The male character has a somewhat mysterious depth that is found in most star songs. He is hidden and mysterious. The female puts herself out there but he is reserved. This song could be looked at other ways as well. Heavy could be emotionally heavy and that is why the guy decided to not go through with the date and hence at the end he asks “is it you or me?” that couldn’t go through with the initial date. Nonetheless this song is beautiful.

Wanted: single F

Under 33

Must enjoy the sun

Must enjoy the sea

Sought by single M

Mrs. Destiny

Send photo to address

Is it you and me?

Reply to single M:

My name is Caroline

Cell phone number here

Call if you have the time

28 and bored

Grieving over loss

Sorry to be heavy

But heavy is the cost

Heavy is the cost

Reply to Caroline:

Thanks so much for response

These things can be scary

Not always what you want

How about a drink?

This ancient club at noon

I’ll phone you first I guess

I hope I see you soon

I never got your name

I assume you’re 33

Your voice, it sounded kind

I hope that you like me

When you see my face

I hope that you don’t laugh

I’m not a film star beauty

I’ll send a photograph

I hope that you don’t laugh

Note to single M:

Why did you not show up?

I waited for an hour

I finally gave up

I thought once that I saw you

I thought that you saw me

I guess we’ll never meet now

It wasn’t meant to be

It wasn’t mean to be

I was sure you saw me

But it wasn’t meant to be

Wanted: single F

Under 33

Must enjoy the sun

Must enjoy the sea

Sought by single M

Nothing too heavy

Send photo to address

Is it you or me?

Is it you or me?

Is it you or me?

Is it you or me?

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  1. talese

    I also love this song. I’ve always loved this band and when this song came up on my pandora station I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Its one of those songs that you hear more everytime you listen….if that makes si nce. Thanks for the post