by Tiana Feng
In keeping up with F.A.P and watching all the auditions, I realized there are some great youtube artists out there that don’t get as much as the exposure as they should. So I decided that every week I’m going to feature one awesome youtube artist and share it with you guys.

This week we have A.D.D, which is actually one of Joyce’s competition in F.A.P 2.0. They consist of 3 guys from Vancouver, Canada: DpaC, Marco Tran, Josh Capulong. Their band is named after the fact that they are really random, and do a variety of songs. Also, these guys are hilarious and you just want to be their friend in watching their videos.
Here is their most recent song, a medley of Ne-Yo:
This is their latest entry to F.A.P 2.0:

You can check out more of their videos on the Youtube Page.

More info on F.A.P 2.0 can be found Here.

One Response

  1. Dave P (A.D.D. member)

    Wow, Marco’s sister saw this link and told us about it. We never knew people blogged about us at all, let alone spoke about us haha =P Thank you so much for blogging about us! We are just 3 guys who like to make music and it makes us happy to know that there are people out there who enjoy what we love to do =P Oh, and we are actually from Edmonton, Alberta not Vancouver lol The girl who won the competition, Amber, is from Vancouver actually. We finished in Top 3! =P

    Anyways, thanks again and if you are coming to FAP, come say hi to us!