This post is dedicated to feeney because she had a bird exam, and I decided to annoy her with it :).
1.Cymande- Bird (rare groove)[audio:]
2.The Young- Bird in the Bush[audio:]
3.Imogen Heap- Little Bird[audio:]
4.Keith Mansfield- Nightbird[audio:]
5.UNKLE feat. Katrina Ford- Caged Bird[audio:]
6.TASSELS- Bird of Prey[audio:]
7.A Silver Mt. Zion-I Built Myself a Metal Bird, I Fed My Metal Bird the Wings of Other Metal Birds[audio:]
8.Lein Lovich- Bird Song[audio:]
9.Be Good Tanyas- The CooCoo Bird[audio:]
10.Goldfrapp- Little Bird (Animal Collective Remix)[audio:]

One Response

  1. feeney

    lol, told you there were a billion songs with the word “bird” in the title. I just wish you had picked cool classic rock ones… like Freebird (Lynard Skynard), Blackbird (Beatles), or Songbird (Fleetwood Mac).