by: feeney

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that I am a massive Star Wars fan. Well, not too massive – I wouldn’t attend a conference/convention on the subject, or purchase any collectible figurines, or spend my time writing Star Wars fan-fiction; but when it comes to the movies (or the video games), I am always up for another watching (or kicking your ass with my awesome Jedi skills).

So when I heard that Adidas had a new Star Wars clothing and shoe line I was pretty interested.  Until I saw their commercial and was driven away for a few weeks. Check it out here (unfortunately I could not get the permissions to embed it into this blog, buts its worth a view for sure)

This commercial is a bit confusing upon first watch, but now I have come to appreciate it, if only for the wicked Imperial March remix done by Daft Punk.  I love it, although its not nearly as terrifying as the original by John Williams!

After getting over my initial fear of the commercial I found myself surfing the Adidas website for the collection. The Mens shoes were all pretty decent looking, minus the Yoda boat-shoe  (that has a certain “accountant-chic” feel to it). I wasn’t expecting much in the way of Womens shoes, until I found myself staring face-to-face with these :

So pretty! and nerdy!

I was in love!  The bright colours and lovely gold accent drew me in, and despite having never worn a high-top (well “mid” game shoe, as they are called on the website), I was sure that I could pull these beauties off.  I bought these shoes a couple of weeks ago for my birthday, and so far I have been quite happy with them.

How might I wear such a colourful pair of shoes?

Star Wars
Star Wars by feeney featuring Adidas shoes

I think I would wear this casual outfit if I owned that wicked awesome pink tee.  Perhaps a gift for my next birthday?  The best part about these shoes is that they add a pop of colour to my otherwise plain outfits.  They work pretty well with straight legged and skinny jeans, and receive a lot of compliments from my star-wars loving friends.  Can’t wait to see how they will go down in my hometown this summer…

To check out the complete Star Wars collection by Adidas click here.

Special Treat – a few Star Wars remixes for you to enjoy:

DJ Cesar – Star Wars Remix [audio:]

Moby – Star Wars Remix [audio:]

And a techno remix of the Duel of the Fates [audio:]

What are your thoughts about the new Adidas Star Wars collection? Did the commercial throw you off as well?