by Tiana Feng

Stars who I’m proud to say is Canadian, releases their “Five Ghosts” album on June 22, 2010. To get us hyped about it, they have released their first single “Fixed” for free download!
Stars- Fixed[audio:]
I just can’t wait til the album releases. I was unlucky and missed the getting tickets for their upcoming shows in Toronto :(. They are on a pre-release tour right now where they are going to play the entire album from beginning to end!! Check out their Website for more info on show dates and how you can vote for what they will playing during the encores!!

Stream Stars’ The Five Ghosts at

2 Responses

  1. Forest

    I LOVE Stars – this album is going to be amazing. I’m ready to call it. Expecting a detailed review!

  2. teepoo

    yes of course!! I’m so excited for it. Stars fans are like my favourite haha they are very very loyal :)