by Tiana Feng

After 20 years of not making music, Andy Kim is back! Like always, Andy has been the one who to share his life and soul inside his music and this album remains so. He maintains that classic rock kind of sound and reminds you of the good old days of good music. He does a pretty good job of using the simplest melodies and backing it up a colourful rainbow of chords and harmonies, I enjoy the orchestration that can be found throughout the album. For example, the “Oh, Oh Song” has strings that add to the melodrama of the song.

The title track “Happen Again” spells hit more than any other song in the album. It is damn catchy and I can see it being one of those Word Vision commercial themes.
Andy Kim- Happen Again[audio:]

I got an email from E1 music to pass the album on =). Download now!. I don’t think this link will forever be available so be sure to check it out before its too late!!

Visit Andy Kim’s Official Website to learn more about him!

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