by Tiana Feng

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, been working on school finals and things! The best productivity music I found was modern instrumental music, not your regular Beethoven symphonies that stuff would put me in a lazy mood, but more interesting things like movie soundtracks and rock music done on strings.

I first heard of Dr. Draw when I saw him during Toronto’s all night art festival Nuite Blanche. He is an electric violinist who plays in a band with an electric cellist, electric harp, electric piano, rock guitar and drummer. Their energy on stage was amazing, and took classical music to a whole new level. I managed to pick up their CD “The City”. I have to say though, listening to a recording is nothing like actually seeing it live, but its still really good. My favourite track off their album and when they played live was Alexandria.

Dr. Draw- Alexandria

Since “The City” they have released 3 other albums. Check out more about them on their Myspace.