by Tiana Feng

This is the fourth album from American ska band Streetlight Manefesto. This is the first in a series of albums 2 of which will be created by Streetlight Manefesto and two of which who will be done by Bandits of Revolution a side project that consists of some members of the group as well as other ska artists.
This album is a ska-punk cover album of songs done by other artists, the concept is sort of cliche but Streetlight Revolution did a decent job on this one. Some ska-punk cover albums are just unbearable. They have a very straight to the point style and a very appropriate use of brass instruments hitting at just the right times. The album itself is pretty basic, not really any extra fillers or anything but still enjoyable.

I think one of my fav tracks off this album is their rendition of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”, it is so refreshingly different.
Streetlight Manefesto- Such Great Heights