by Tiana Feng

Musicovery is not just your normal internet radio. It has very different types of customizations. You can pick your mood, genre and a time period. Or you can simply type in your favourite artists and it will start with a song by them but then go on into similar things. Every song that is coming up is shown on a music map so you can skip through them to your desired track. There is even a “discovery” button for those of us who love to discover the less popular things. If you want to buy the track there are itune links and amazon. This is something nice to just have on in the background when you are on the computer.
Here’s an unofficial video tutorial I found on youtube on the site:

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  1. Video Conference

    There are many software for streaming video on website available on the market but they all work in a similar fashion. You simply choose the video you want to play on you website, select a few options such as the size, color, look and feel of the video player. The software then goes to work and convert your video into Flash, build your video player and so on, all you need to do now is add a piece of code to you website where you want to show your video.