by Tiana Feng

The Jim Ivins Band is an acoustic driven pop rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Their sound reminds me a bit of artist Mae, whom they have shared the stage with. They’ve also been with Carolina Liar, Parachute, The Ataris, Carbon Leaf, and Pat McGee Band.

I was lucky enough to be sent the EP from the band themselves! The self-titled EP contains only 5 tracks and I wish there was more because it was such an easy listen! Two of the tracks were produced by Ace Enders from The Early November.
The album begins with Fall Flat and some cool classic guitar riffs. This is the song that is so catchy it gets really stuck in your head. It reminds me of the typical song you would find on one of those teen TV dramas like the OC or 90210.

Back to Reality is the first track that was produced by Ace Enders. It has very simple lyrics but the rhythm just keeps you bopping your head. It has a very similar hooking equation to the first track that makes it so catchy.
The Chance has a very obvious Ace Enders influence. It is one of my favorites being so buoyant and fun and yet holding such strong and emotional lyrics.
How to Hold On makes me wonder what girl Jim Ivins has been singing about the whole album. Man if I was still in high school, I think this would be my favorite thing in the whole world.
Everyday’s Another Goodbye is much less predictable than the rest of the songs lyric wise. This track in particular does not have a specific hook like the rest, but maybe that was intentional. The last 20 seconds makes me feel like something is coming, but then it just ends!

All in all, this was a very easy listen and I wished it was a full album so I could bop my head for another half an hour and procrastinate all the rest of the things I have to do in life :). Visit the band’s Myspace page to check out the rest of their tracks!!
You can buy the EP on iTunes.

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  1. Jobin

    This album is amazing. Jim Ivins needs to put out more songs because only having 5 in my itunes is not cutting it right now