by Tiana Feng

I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business is a side project by the lead singer/lyricist and guitarist of The Early November. This album is pretty interesting. The tracks are cohesive as in they flow right into each other like one long track. Compared to stuff from The Early November, Arthur’s side project is much calmer. His voice is the most dominant feature of the album and its very intimate. There’s some brilliant accoustic instruments such as a really beautifully picked guitar, violin and piano.

One of the faster tracks on this album is “Stop Smoking Because Its Not Good For You.[audio:].

Contrastly here is a song that is so calm it can put me to sleep like a happy girl, its called Sleep Means Sleeping and its ironically the first track on the album, but one of my favourites.

You can purchase the rest of the album on iTunes

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