by Tiana Feng

The album is set to release on April 13th but there has been many leaks over the internet and so far I have to say that I love the album. What I find the most appealing is that they don’t let the fact that they became a popular indie band affect their sound. You won’t find another track like Kids or Time to Pretend. Each track is unique and their not afraid to take you on this psychedelic journey. I mean we’re all bored of those indie bands that beocome mainstream and release the same shit over and over right? MGMT is not like that and they have proved it with Congratulations. They are not here to appeal to some record label or their popularity. Just to make music. They’ve really increased their musical landscape. If you played everything in order, each track is like a genre flip with the campfire like song “I Found a Whistle” to the 12 minute “Siberian Breaks” there is really a musical ride to explore in this album. I won’t give too much away before the album is actually out.

*edit* Someone’s Missing is my favourite track off the album. I posted it earlier but the websheriff told me to take it down. However you can find “Flash Delerium” on their MYSPACE

*update. Since it leaked and MGMT is awesome they uploaded the entire album for streaming on their official site!!

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