[ALBUM REVIEW]Underoath- Live at Koko

2 Comments 20 March 2010

byTiana Feng

For being recorded directly from live, the band did a very good job. I also give them props for not closing with A Boy Brushed Red because that would be way too predictable. Here is the list of tracks from the album:

The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed
Emergency Broadcast the End is Near
Young and Aspiring
We Are the Involuntary
Anyone Can Dig A Hole But it Takes A Real Man to Call it Home
Casting Such A Thin Shadow
You’re Ever So Inviting
Breathing in A New Mentality
A Moment Suspended in Time
Desperate Times Desperate Measures
Too Bright to See Too Loud to Hear
It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
Writing on the Walls

The quality of the album is very good and almost just as good or better than some of their original tracks. I can feel that there is more real live energy in something that is live. Warning what you’re about to hear is heavy if you have not heard any of their tracks before!

I think they started perfectly with The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed

  • Captain Awesome

    oh man, underøath has been my favorite band since I was in the womb, i love and have each of their albums including live ones, but they really bombed this Koko =/ Chamberlain’s speeches are lame, the performances were occasionally off-time, Chamberlain’s vocals are way too raspy and Gillespie’s voice could hardly be heard. Man, after the live beauty on DVD that is 777 and Survive, Kaledioscope, this makes me want to plant a tree, so I have the feeling that maybe I can do something good to reverse this bad =/
    BUT I’m sure they were just off tonight, check em out ladies and gents, they’re a good band ^^

  • Seancassley

    where can i get this? i can’t find it anywhere online

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