by Tiana Feng

This week let’s explore some oldies in a genre called spoken word. This could be anything from words spoken behind some jazz riffs to rappers and punk lyricists. Listen to these stories, some controversial others just angry.

1.Jack Kerouac- October in the Railroad Earth[audio:]
2.Allen Ginsberg- Father Death Blues[audio:]
3.William Burroughs and Kurt Kobain- The Priest, They Called Him[audio: the priest, they called him.mp3]
4.The Last Poets- Niggers are Scared of Revolution[audio:]
5.Gil-Scott Heron- Winter in America[audio:]
6.John Cooper Clarke- Beasley Street[audio:]
7.Linton Kewsi Johnson- Sonny’s Lettah[audio:href=”]
8.Lydia Lunch- Four Cornered Room[audio:]
9.Ra- Waste of Space[audio: Waste Of Space.mp3]
10.Rasputina- If Your Kisses Won’t Hold The Man You Love