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Discovery: After downloading the Bootleg album of “A Cross the Universe of Mash-Up” by DJ Reno, I was going through each of the songs and one of them stood out the most for me. Phantom Part III (Justice vs. The Clash) was the first single that I heard by Divide and Kreate. Afterwards, I checked out his website and found out some great mash-ups and remixes that he’s done – all included with downloadable links. The tracklist for Crush Mix was another reason why I made it this week’s feature for Mix Tape Wednesdays.

Another simple reason why I decided to feature him was because of his openness to many different genres. If you visit Divide and Kreate’s website, you see a list of many different artists of different genres.

Fore more information about Divide and Kreate, check out the following sites:
Official Website


01. ZZ Top ‘Sharp dressed man’ / Pink ‘Get this party started’
02. Franz Ferdinand ‘Jacqueline’ / Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’ / Faithless ‘Insomnia’
03. Bloc Party ‘Helicopter’ / Rihanna ‘Unfaithful’
04. Eagles ‘Hotel California’ / Genesis ‘I can’t dance’ / Basement Jaxx ‘Where’s your head at?’
05. Smashing Pumpkins ‘Mayonaise’ / Madonna ‘Ray of light’
06. U2 ‘With or without you / Willie Nelson ‘Always on my mind’ / MARRS ‘Pump up the volume’
07. The Stooges ‘I wanna be your dog’ / Christina Aguilera ‘Ain’t no other man’
08. Veruca Salt ‘Seether’ / Yazoo ‘Don’t go’
09. Motörhead ‘Ace of spades’ / The KLF ‘3 AM Eternal’

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