by Tiana Feng

As you are aware, I attend school at the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto. It is exciting and yet intimidating to be around talented people on a regular basis. Sunny Choi was actually not at the faculty for music, but I met her in choir and she has a huge array of talent.

Sunny is perfect pitch which allows her to hear something and instantly play it on the piano without having to write it down. She is a brilliant performer doing many upscale weddings and corporate events around the province. She is frequently performing at the Fallsview Casino.

Her Youtube Page features lots of piano renditions of today’s Top 100 songs.

Listen to this beautiful rendition of Halo by Beyonce.

Probably the most interesting is this version of KeSha’s Tik Tok:

and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance!
Check out her iLike page for tons of free mp3s! Keep up to date with her music by following her on twitter!