by gracew317

I had the opportunity to see Alkaline Trio on their Toronto stop of the “This Addiction” tour. I won 2 tickets to the show courtesy of Live Nation’s twitter account and was completely stoked to check out the show. I wasn’t a hardcore fan of the band, but remembered a couple of past singles. I was excited to check them out and it turned out to be a great show.

Unfortunately I missed the opening band Cursive, but a band member showed up on stage for ‘Lead Poisoning’, playing a trumpet solo [picture below].

AK3 opened up the show with the title track off the new album ‘This Addiction’ (in stores now).


I downloaded the album a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to recognize a few from the new release. The set-list included ‘This Addiction’, ‘Dine, Dine My Darling’, ‘Lead Poisoning’, Dead On The Floor’, ‘Sadie’, ‘Fatally Yours’, ‘Fuck You Aurora’ and several others that I recognize (I’m still familiarizing myself with the discography). The encore consisted of ‘Fine’, ’97’ and ‘Radio’. Even a casual listener like myself, I was able to enjoy the band’s energy – the boys know how to bring it. They would swig from the wine bottle in between sets and even congratulated Canada on our gold medal. These boys can still bring it, with over a decade of songs and tours to show for it. I would definitely check them out again next time they stroll into town.

The boys ended the night with ‘Radio’ – from 2000’s Maybe I’ll Catch Fire a great crowd sing-a-long. I’m always fascinated by the energy of crowd participation and it was awesome to observe. If only I knew the words!


A couple of shots from the show: Janice and I at the show; Alkaline Trio takes the stage; trumpet player comes out for ‘Lead Poisoning’.