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Images via We Go To Shows, photographer: Julie Lavelle

My first show of 2010 has come and gone. Boy, was it a good one! Jack’s Mannequin stopped by the Sound Academy for their headlining tour, Sing for Your Supper, with openers fun. and Vedera. The Sound Academy, located at 11 Polson Street, was completely revamped and renovated – the venue no longer resembled its former venue, The Docks.

Unfortunately, Vedera was unable to cross the border because of van troubles. I showed up to the venue later than usual, and just happened to catch the last 2 songs of fun.’s performance. They always put on a great show, but I haven’t been able to get into their sound. I miss The Format!

Andrew and the boys opened up the show with ‘I’m Ready’ off the band’s first full length, Everything in Transit, released in 2005. The band rolled right into the second song of the night, ‘The Resolution’ – lyrics from the chorus I’m alive/but I don’t need a witness/to know that I survived spoke of Andrew’s battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

The biggest crowd sing-a-long of the night had to be during ‘The Mixed Tape’ – everyone was singing at the top of their lungs. It’s always amazing to go to a show, become completely immersed in the stage performance and sheer musicianship bands have. It was fantastic to see the boys play again and Andrew promised he was going to be writing and recording new material very soon after the tour wraps up.

The set-list was comprised 50-50 songs from the first album and the latest release, The Glass Passenger (2008). My favourite performances of the night were ‘Last Straw, AZ’ (b-side that was released online in 2006) and ‘Hammers and Strings’ (slower ballad from TGP).

This show also coincided with men’s hockey semi between Canada and Slovakia. Andrew made sure to update us during the show, letting us know that “your team is up 2 to nothing”, leading the crowd to roar in appreciation. He thanked the audience for coming out, especially on a night like Friday, where hockey ‘is a big deal around here’. I would gladly skip ANYTHING to see Jack’s.

The encore was a solo performance of ‘Swim’, the music box rendition from the Dear Jack EP. If you haven’t seen the documentary of the same name, you should definitey check it out. The documentary chronicles Andrew’s battle with ALL and shows self-recorded videos from the hospital. It’s a highly moving story and you can see the strength of Andrew’s character. The closing number was another great crowd sing-a-long, ‘La La Lie’. Andrew ends with his signature move, standing and jumping on the piano and keys. A fantastic end to another great show.

I’m Ready
The Resolution
The Mixed Tape
Last Straw, AZ
Hammers and Strings
Miss California
Holiday From Real
Dark Blue
Diane, the Skyscraper
MFEO | You Can Breathe (with or without you)

Swim (music box)
La La Lie

Just a man and his keys.

Awesome crowd interaction – do you spy the fan with the cast? That’s dedication!

Drummer Jay McMillan

Guitarist Bobby ‘Raw’ Anderson, rocking out in his awesome cowboy boots

Bassist Jonathan ‘Dr. J’ Sullivan, with his always entertaining outfit and “arm sock” choices

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