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Hey!, It’s my first post here at RTT hailing from the U.K. (BRAP BRAP!) so I thought I’d start off with some top British acts that you may or may not have heard of with no doubt that the U.K gave birth to some of the best music artists ever – The Beatles and beyond.

Today marked The Brit Awards event, which celebrates both British and International music. This year’s ‘Brits’ was aired live and included amazing international performances from Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga.

My favourite music genre is undoubtedly Electronic music and all of its branches. One of these branches is called Garage (pronounced garidge, not gararge) or 2-step which descends from House music and features speeded-up 4-4 percussive rhythms (nicknamed 4-by-4 or 4-to-the-floor) with shuffling/skipping hi-hats and also beat-skipping kick drums. The popularity of Garage has disappeared as it’s led into new genres such as Grime and Dub-step. An example of a feel-good Garage track is Delinquent feat. KCAT – I Got U.

Delinquent feat. KCAT – I Got U

A leading artist in Grime is ‘Dizzee Rascal’, where his unique mark in his music is his MC’ing and managed to take an award for Best British Male Solo. Here is a speaker piercing track which he did with House legend Armand Van Heldon – Bonkers.

Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Heldon – Bonkers

Another artist that shined last year and I think you soul/indie/rock lovers will like is ‘Florence + The Machine’. Florence And The Machine is the recording name for Florence Welch, with The Machine referring to her band; she managed to scoop the top award of Best British Album for ‘Lungs (2009)’. Last year they did a cover of a Dance classic – You Got The Love.

Florence and The Machine – You Got The Love

I’ll leave you with a Brit Awards performance which combined the two acts and show both of their British music ability.


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