by Tiana Feng

Despite the unfortunate death of Nodar Kumaritashvili who died during training last week and the epic fail of the hydraulic system which caused one of the 5 tourches to not come out of the ground, the olympics still began with a bang. From the northern light display to what I thought was lots about it that was visually appealing. The performances were a little bit dissapointing. I witnessed some things which made me think that they were all pre-recording and there was no actual live singing, this includes Nikki Yanofsky’s rendition of our national anthem. Maybe my TV was lagging, because there were a couple of times where the lips were off sync with what I heard, especially with all the tap dancing and stuff going around. What did you guys think?

This is CTV’s official anthem of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics:

Nikki Yanofsky- I Believe

This is a hilarious and inappropriate “anthem” of the olympics, if you are easily offended in any way, don’t click.
It was found here on Geoff Berner’s site